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Thank you for reaching out about your project. Before we proceed, please take a moment to go through HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP.’s terms and conditions. 
Timeframe and Delivery Halt Creation
Timeframe and Delivery

What are the deliverables and their corresponding deadlines?

Revisions & Alterations HALT CREATION
Revisions & Alterations 

How many times can I request revisions? 

Copyright / Trademark HALT CREATION
Copyright / Trademark

Who owns what and what type of licenses are available?

Payment & Privacy policies HALT CREATION
Payment & Privacy policies

Is it secure to make payments online, and how can I pay?

▧ Disclaimer

By using this website, or entering into a business relationship with HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP., you (the Client/ User) consent to the following terms and conditions:

Timeframe and Delivery

HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP.’s working days are Sunday through Friday, 7am – 9pm Pacific Time, excluding Canadian, Chinese and German holidays.

HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. makes all reasonable efforts to provide concepts and revisions to the Client within the timeframes agreed upon in initial consultations. If we are experiencing higher work volumes, your design will be scheduled for the soonest available design time slot, and you will be notified at the earliest possible time.

HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. will save design files to a list of cloud drives for Client to review. The Client will provide feedback on the draft design.

HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. will review feedback and update the design as needed. HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. will continue the revision process within the specified terms to the Client’s satisfaction. Revisions will be submitted to the Client within the specified timeframe where possible.

Once the Client has approved the design, the Client will pay any balance owed to HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP., and HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. will deliver the final file(s).

All requested formats of the approved design will be saved to Dropbox for the Client to download. HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. is not obligated to maintain an archive of Client files, so Clients must download and maintain their files.

Revisions and Author Alterations

All revision requests, updates, corrections, additions or variations MUST be furnished to HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. in writing. Although Revisions may be discussed verbally, no work will be done until the Client submits their revisions in writing.
The Client understands that all revision requests, updates, corrections, additions or variations may incur additional charges or project charge. Design work is not done free of charge unless otherwise arranged with HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. explicitly and clearly in writing.

Unless otherwise agreed, HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. will complete 1 large revision stage, and 2 minor revision stages. Revision requests are to be made within 7 days of receiving the proofs. If no revisions are requested within this time, it is assumed that the submitted proof is the accepted final. Any revisions made after this point are subject to additional charges.

The total project quote or rate provided by HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. is based on complexity of the deliverables, timeline, and a reasonable average or specified number of revisions per design item, and associated number of billable hours. On the occasion the Client requests drafts or revisions that go beyond the scope of the original quote or rate, HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. reserves the right to charge an additional hourly rate upon informing the Client that the request will incur an additional cost.

Payment Policies

Design and development services involve significant specialization and expertise, therefore design projects should be regarded differently than a manufactured product. HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP.’s rates ensure appropriate compensation for the time and expertise of our graphic designers, developers, art/creative directors and project managers.
All quotations given are estimates only, unless otherwise negotiated and noted in writing on a Client contract. Assuming no additions have been made by the client over the course of the project, the final invoice will not exceed the quoted amount by a margin of over 5% without prior notification and written authorization by the client.

Deposits and payments
All projects under $1,000 are to be paid in full before the start of the project.
All projects over $5,000 will require 25% deposit, and the balance will be paid in full before delivery of the final design files. All work remains the property of HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. until final payment is received. The Client may not use or distribute any works until paid for in full.

Bi-weekly/ Monthly Billings
Trusted clients requiring long term and ongoing design work may be placed on a bi-weekly/ monthly billing cycle upon request. Clients on Bi-weekly/ monthly billing will be invoiced on every second Monday or around the last Monday of the month throughout the duration of the contract. Clients requesting a monthly billing arrangement are required to maintain current contact information and a valid credit card on file with HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP..

Online Payments
Online payments are processed securely using bank-grade SSL encryption.
Payments may be made online in a number of ways:
Credit Card (American Express, Visa or Mastercard)
Email Money Transfer (Interac)

Company or Certified Cheque
Bank or Wire Transfer
Money Order or Bank Draft
Accepted Payment Currencies
We bill Canadian clients in Canadian dollars, and all other clients in USD.
More payment methods may be available upon request. Please contact via wilhelm.li@yahoo.com for more information.

All taxes have been calculated into HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP.’s rates. Federal, provincial, and local income tax and payroll tax of any kind will not be withheld or paid by the Client on behalf of HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP..

Delinquent Invoices
All invoices are payable on receipt, net 7 days. After 30 days, a late payment charge equivalent to 2% of the outstanding balance is applied to all delinquent Client invoices, without exception.
If the Client remains in default after 60 days, an additional 2% of the outstanding invoice balance is applied as a late payment charge.

If the Client remains in default after 60 days, we will issue a final warning by email before turning the account over to a third-party collections agency or appropriate legal authority.

If a Client’s payment is charged back to us by way of credit card fraud, cheque fraud or other crime, we will issue a final warning by email before turning the account over to a third-party collections agency or appropriate legal authority.

Clients are responsible for all late fees and costs incurred for reporting to collections. If collection efforts are unsuccessful, we will engage the Client in litigation to collect the debt, and all copyright will remain with HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP.. The Client will forgo all rights to use HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. designs in manner, and legal action will be taken to enforce this policy.

Abandoned Projects
A project shall be considered abandoned after 60 consecutive days have passed since the last communication received from the Client. In all abandoned projects, deposits are forfeit without option for reclamation. Any renewal of the project after termination will require a new agreement, fee schedule and deposit.

Privacy Policy

HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. is committed to protecting your privacy and will conduct all business in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection
HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP.’s web servers automatically recognize a visitor’s domain name and IP address. The domain name and IP address reveal nothing personal about a visitor. HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. may use this information to examine web traffic and campaign performance. HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. does not automatically record e-mail addresses or any personal information of its website visitors.

Sensitive Information Disclosure
Any hosting account information, FTP information, or domain registrar account information provided to HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. will be kept confidential. It will be used only by HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. Developers, and will be used only for the purposes of setting up a Client website, managing a Client website, providing technical support, or other purposes established in writing with HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP..

Information Storage
Client websites, project file archives and account information is stored on a secure server.

HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. will only disclose Client information or IP address when required by law or in good-faith belief that such action is necessary to:
1. Cooperate with the investigations of purported unlawful activities and conform to the edicts of the law or comply with the legal process served on HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP.,
2. Protect and defend the rights or property of the HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. website and related properties, or visitors to the HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP.website and related properties.

HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. uses every reasonable precaution to keep Client information secure, and will not be held responsible for breach of security or the actions of any third party that receives information. HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. is not responsible for such third party privacy policies or how they treat information about their users.

By using the HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. website or engaging in business with HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP., you consent to the terms specified above. HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

This web page will reflect the latest Terms and Conditions. In the event there is a discrepancy between a digital or printed version of these Terms and Conditions and this web page, the Terms and Conditions on this web page take precedence.
In the event that a Client’s Terms and Conditions conflict with those out here, this web page shall be considered to be the authoritative one, unless a separate contract has been negotiated and signed between HALT CREATION TECHNOLOGY CORP. and the Client/ User. 

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